Clindamycin Eberth

Concentrate for solution for infusion / injection

Clindamycin Eberth


dosage form

pack size


pharmaceutical registration number


300 mg

concentrate for solution for infusion / injection

10 ampoules each 2 ml





valid from batch 21K922 on,
available on the market since
February 22nd, 2022

600 mg

concentrate for solution for infusion / injection

10 ampoules each 4 ml



Active substance:
Clindamycin phosphate

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Clindamycin is a semi-synthetic pyranoside. Pyranosides are not related to any other known antibiotic. 
ATC code: J01FF01

Mechanism of action
The mechanism of action of clindamycin is based on the inhibition of protein synthesis by binding to the 50S subunit of the bacterial ribosome. This usually results in a bacteriostatic effect.

Therapeutic indications
Severe infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria in patients with penicillin allergy, and as a possible alternative therapy when beta-lactam antibiotics are not suitable

Anaerobic infections, particularly those caused by Bacteroides fragilis.

Infections include:

  • infections of the bones and joints, -
  • pneumonia,
  • infections of the abdomen in combination with suitable antibiotics,
  • infections of the female pelvic area,
  • Infections of skin and soft tissue, including hidroadenitis,
  • Sepsis in combination with suitable antibiotics.

Bacteriological tests and tests for resistance are recommended.