Suspension for injection in pre-filled syringe



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Suspension for injection in pre-filled syringe

1 pre-filled syringe (without cannula) with 0,5 ml Suspension for injection



Active substance:
Tetanus toxoid adsorbed; Diphtheria toxoid, adsorbed; Aluminum hydroxide as an adsorbent

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
vaccine against tetanus and diphtheria
ATC-Code: J07AM51

Mechanism of action:
A booster vaccination with Td-pur in people who have completed the basic immunization against tetanus and diphtheria causes protective antibody titers against both diseases in almost all vaccinated persons. 

After a booster vaccination with Td-pur, the current protection against tetanus lasts for up to 5 years in the event of injury. The antibody titers against diphtheria and tetanus gradually decrease. In order to maintain sufficient antibody titers - the individual protection threshold is 0.1 IU/ml - a routine booster vaccination should be carried out at least every 10 years.

Therapeutic indications
a) Active immunization against tetanus and diphtheria in people aged 5 years and over 
b) Tetanus prophylaxis in the event of injury from the age of 5 years and over with simultaneous immunization against diphtheria