Levofloxacin DR. Eberth

Solution for infusion

Levofloxacin DR. Eberth


dosage form

pack size


pharmaceutical registration number


100 ml

solution for infusion

5 infusion bags



Active substance:
Levofloxacin 0.5 H2O

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Quinolone antibiotics, fluoroquinolones,
ATC code: J01MA12

Levofloxacin is a synthetic fluoroquinolone - antibiotic. It is the S-(-)-enantiomer of the racemate ofloxacin.

Mechanism of action:
As a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, levofloxacin acts on the DNA / DNA gyrase complex and topoisomerase IV.

Therapetic indications:
Levofloxacin Dr. Eberth is indicated for the treatment of the following infections in adults:

  • community-acquired pneumonia,
  • complicated skin and soft tissue infections

For the infections listed above, Levofloxacin Dr. Eberth should only be used if other antibiotics, that are commonly recommended for the treatment of these infections, are considered inappropriate.

  • pyelonephritis and complicated urinary tract infections,
  • chronic bacterial prostatitis,
  • anthrax: for prophylaxis after exposure and as curative treatment