Powder for solution for injection / infusion



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2 g

powder for solution for infusion

5 vials



powder for solution for infusion

10 vials



Active substance:
Ceftriaxone disodium 3.5 H2O

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Antibacterials for systemic use, Third-generation cephalosporins,
ATC code: J01DD04

Mechanismen of action:
Ceftriaxone inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis following attachment to penicillin binding proteins (PBPs). This results in the interruption of cell wall (peptidoglycan) biosynthesis, which leads to bacterial cell lysis and death.

Therapeutic indications:
Ceftriaxone is indicated for the treatment of the following infections when caused by micro-organisms that are susceptible to ceftriaxone and if parenteral treatment is necessary:

  • Infections of:
    • respiratory tract, including throat and nose
    • ears
    • kidneys and urinary tract
    • skin and soft tissue, including wound infections
    • genital organs, including gonorrhoea
    • abdominal cavity; ceftriaxone should be administered in conjunction with a suitable antibiotic against anaerobic bacteria.
    • bones and joints
  • Sepsis
  • Inflammation of meninges (meningitis)
  • Lyme borreliosis (particularly stage II and III) (tick-borne infection)
  • Perioperative prophylaxis in case of increased risk of infection. With colorectal surgery, ceftriaxone should be combined with an antibacterial agent with additional anaerobic coverage