Amikacin Eberth

Concentrate for solution for infusion

Amikacin Eberth


dosage form

pack size


pharmaceutical registration number


500 mg/2 ml

concentrate for solution for infusion

10 vials



Active substance:
Amikacin sulphate

Pharmacotherapeutic group:
Antibiotics for systemic use; Aminoglycoside antibiotics

ATC code: J01GB06

Mechanism of action:
The mechanism of action of amikacin is based on a disruption of protein synthesis on the bacterial ribosome through interaction with the rRNA and subsequent inhibition of translation. This results in a bactericidal effect.

Therapeutic indications:
Treatment of the following serious infections caused by bacteria susceptible to amikacin when less toxic antibiotics are not effective:

  • nosocomial lower respiratory tract infections including severe pneumonia,
  • intra-abdominal infections, including peritonitis,
  • complicated and recurrent urinary tract infections,
  • skin and soft tissue infections, including infected burn wounds,
  • bacterial endocarditis,
  • postoperative intra-abdominal infections.

Amikacin Eberth can also be used to treat patients with bacteremia, which occurs in connection with the infections mentioned above, or in whom such a connection is suspected.

Amikacin Eberth is often combined with other suitable antibiotics to cover the bacterial spectrum of the infection in question.